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March 29
Emerging architects hold their profession’s future in their hands

Metropolis Magazine recently attended the American Institute of Architect’s (AIA) Young Architects Forum, where pertinent industry challenges were openly – and honestly - discussed.

Not only do new architecture graduates have an extremely high unemployment rate, but the economy’s downturn is also affecting those who have been practicing for years – and it is leading to a seemingly bleak future for their industry.
What was decided to be the top concerns challenging today’s young designers?
• Advancement of the profession
• Value of design
• Career advancement
• Economy and change
• Value of licensure
• Starting your own firm
So, as a new generation of architects stand in a critical time, how do they take hold of their top issues and turn them into positives?
As with anything one is invested in, if a new direction is needed, you must not be afraid to initiate it. With the concerns facing this new generation of architects, they must be the ones who address them. And in actuality, that is a nice place to be.
Emerging architects have the opportunity to redefine the direction of architecture and design. They now realize that the future of their profession is up to them – and how they decide to handle this responsibility will determine which route it will take.
We would love to her your opinions on this. Do you have any thoughts to add?