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June 10
Move Around: Floor Plane Designs for the Interactive Workplace

Modern workplaces have evolved to become more than just functional spaces, but also highly aesthetic and created to encourage collaboration. Along these lines, we're seeing a trend emerging toward interior environments that encourage movement and interactivity among inhabitants.

Floor covering plays an integral role in reaching these design goals, as the floor plane ultimately sets the stage for inspiration and innovation in workspaces. Two of our latest introductions take advantage of these trends through designs best experienced from different perspectives.

Unveiled at NeoCon 2014, the Lume e Lustro and Dissemblage collections feature designs which are revealed through movement - encouraging discovery, interaction and interpretation by the viewer.

Lume e Lustro creates a mise-en-scene through a surface play of the two uses of reflected light: lustro, whcih is the use of light to reveal texture - and lume, which is the use of light to reveal volume. The viewer steps into a tactile dimensional world with a 2-D and 3-D juxtaposition exploring rich texture and flat graphic.

MLKN_Lume e Lustro_NeoCon2014.jpg
Lume e Lustro 

Dissemblage features tailored woven ribs which veil precise geometries and bold super graphics. Pattern is revealed as the viewer moves around the interactive flooring. Veiled geometries break apart and pattern deconstructs into and out of white space.

Milliken_Dissemblage_NeoCon 2014.jpg 

What trends are you experiencing for interior environments? How do you use design to inspire movement and interactivity in a workspace? We'd love to hear your insight.