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June 17
Milliken Honored with Four Awards at NeoCon 2014

​NeoCon was quite the whirlwind of intriguing product introductions, inspiring conversations, and humbling awards for Milliken. We are honored that both our products and our people were recognized during the show. 

The architecture and design community is constantly evolving. At Milliken, we aspire to push the limits of innovation that drive our industry forward. These awards motivate us to continue to challenge the boundaries of traditional floor covering so that interior designers can elevate spaces in ways never before thought possible. 

Milliken Awards Received at NeoCon 2014

HiP Design Solution Underfoot Winner - The Lume e Lustro Collection HiP Award.jpg

Designer Cresta Bledsoe with Barbara Haaksma of Milliken

Silver Best of NeoCon Silver Award for Broadloom Carpet - The Dissemblage Collection

BON Silver Award.jpg 
Stacy Walker of Milliken, Cresta Bledsoe, floor covering designer, and Barbara Haaksma of Milliken

HiP People Marketer/Brand Ambassador - Barbara Haaksma

BH HIP Award.png 
Barbara Haaksma of Milliken and Helene Oberman of ​Interior Design magazine

Buildings​ Product Innovations Merit Award - The Allegory Collection

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 3.09.30 PM.png