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June 26
Achieving Functional & Effective Education Design with Carpet
Cornerstone University_Fixate 1.jpgCornerstone University_Fixate 3.jpg 
Vibrant colors from The Fixate collection by Milliken helps delineate​ spaces and facilitate way finding in the Graduate Studies building at Cornerstone University.  

Effective classroom design is quite the topic of conversation, especially since a 2013 study published in the journal Building and the Environment revealed that student learning is indeed highly effected by classroom spaces. Fast Company shared that the study "found that classroom design could be attributed to a 25% impact, positive or negative, on a student's progress over the course of an academic year."  

Of course, however important beautiful classroom design is, functionally remains imperative. Factors, such as color, complexity, choice, flexibility​, connection, and light, which were noted in the aforementioned study as highly influential in educational spaces, must be presented in a way that is functionally beneficial for schools.

Floor covering can play a vital role in creating a stimulating and inspiring environment for students of all ages while providing incredible functionality. Optimal floor covering solutions for schools are supported with anti-microbial and stain resistant and repellant, which increase the life of the carpet. Modular tile also provides added functionality and maintenance benefits - as individual tiles can be easily lifted to be cleaned or replaced. 

We believe that good design should not be forsaken for functionality. We believe it should also stand up to the roughest treatment, whether in a student center, library, sports complex, office, or the classroom itself. 

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