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April 05
Discovering carpet collections on the revamped MillikenCarpet.com

​Have you explored all of the ways you can search for the perfect Milliken carpet collection to meet your design needs?  Our newly revamped website offers some unique ways to find your ideal design.

• If you know exactly what you’re looking for, simply search for the collection name in “Collection Search.”

• Take a different approach and search by your Inspiration.  Going for a tailored look?  Our Straight Talk 2.0 collection might be a solution for your design.

Searching for Tailored: Straight Talk 2.0, Jive in Charcoal










• Or, search by Attributes.  Choose your desired color palette, design style and scale – and see what collections match your requirements.  Even search by preferred construction, backing and dye method.  Make your search as detailed as necessary to find what collection best meets your design needs. 

Searching for Green color, Abstract design and Large scale: Monuments and Shrines, Stardust in Split














​How are you searching our new site?