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July 02
8 Ways to Discover Design Inspiration

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​Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to look with a fresh perspective and open mind to see a world of new possibilities. 

We've collected our favorite tips to discover inspiration and foster creativity from both the Milliken Design Team and industry sources. We hope you'll be inspired, too. ​ 

8 Ways to Discover Inspiration

  • Do research. Look at old books and paintings. Throughout history, art, pattern and design have evolved differently around the world. Find inspiration in the various aesthetics of traditional designs within each unique culture.   
  • Collect and reference things that inspire you. Keep a file of thought-provoking images, textures and fun, unique ideas. Thumb through your collection and see how time alters your interpretation.

  • Go on a walk and leave your guidebook behind. Venture outside daily for a dose of clarity. Exercise is proven to increase neuroplasticity, which in turn increases creativity and inspirational thoughts. Additionally, the repetitiveness of walking helps to free the mind.  

  • Take part in a whimsical activity and embrace a child's point of view. Whimsical activities keep creativity fresh and inspired. Carve out time to approach a fun art project with a particular theme in mind and see what you discover. The purity can be refreshing and clear. 

  • Change up your routine. Normalcy can hinder the mind from thinking out of the box. Change up your daily routine on a regular basis and see life through a new and inspired perspective.  

  • Meditate. Living in the present is a great way to gain clarity and understanding. Remove yourself from all distractions and approach your creative projects in a fully present state of mind.

  • Pull in team members. A fresh perspective from someone who is removed from a project can help you develop a new viewpoint. Collaboration is key to breaking a creative block.  

  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes. The greatest success often comes with the greatest risk of failure, but you cannot let the fear of making a mistake dictate the creative process. Let your mind be fearlessly inspired - and see just where it will take you. 

To explore more images and ideas that inspire architects, designers, and creative thinkers around the world, visit www.inspiredinspiring.com.