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July 15
Technology Evolves to Challenge Conventional Floor Covering


 Ballad from the Allegory Collection

Technological innovation moves the world forward, especially within the architecture and design industry. At Milliken, we aspire to constantly challenge what is possible with floor covering and create collections that provide new experiences for our customers. The Allegory collection is a reflection of this desire, as we evolve our industry-leading print technology to offer differentiated color and patterning. 

The Allegory Collection is an innovative blend of layered textures and color saturation inspired by traditional Ikat dyeing techniques. Designed by Holly Nguyen, Allegory features a reinvented construction and highlights what is possible when combining technology, texture, and color placement in a new way. 

Milliken's Millitron® printing evolves with the Allegory Collection to expand our broad color capability at the yarn-level, presenting distinct design options with the ease of tile-to-tile pattern matching printing provides. The innovation allows us to fuse various yarns and dyeing techniques to give an inherent texture and luster to the abstract patterns, as each yarn absorbs color differently. The result in an inspiring design that subtly changes color saturation as the pattern scale changes.

Syntax from the Allegory Collection

Allegory features four scales of refined patterns - Aside, Stanza, Syntax, and Ballad - for a variety of interior aesthetics. With Aside, colors blend and give a near solid, textural aesthetic. As the collection grows into a more medium scale, activity in the Stanza design becomes more visual, which then seamlessly moves into a large-scale figurative pattern with Syntax. The expansion of the pattern from small, mid, and large-scales enables the collection to address needs of various spaces, whether that is to make a bold statement or provide an understated floor plane.   

 ​Stanza from the Allegory Collection 

Other features of the collection include:
  • A tufted, textured loop construction of Milliken WearOn® Nylon Type 6,6.
  • Available in 50 cm x 50 cm modular carpet and 16 colors with a wide range of sophisticated neutrals.
  • Protected with StainSmart® - a unique formulation that provides the benefits of both stain and soil repellent and resistant.
  • Available with TractionBack® - a less costly and environmentally friendly method for laying modular carpet tile. 
  • Carries an Environmental Product Declaration, Health Product Declaration, and Declare® transparency label.
  • Can contribute towards LEEDThe Living Building Challenge, and other green building certifications.
  • PVC-free construction and manufactured by Milliken, a carbon-neutral family of companies.