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August 05
Lessen Your Carbon Footprint with Carbon-Neutral Floor Covering

"At Milliken, sustainability goes beyond the carpet itself. It encompasses a higher level of environmental stewardship with a complete approach to sustainability - from the quality of manufacturing practices, ​environmental and safety policies, and ethical standards to the environmental and health aspects of product components, longevity, and renewability." 

- Philip Ivey, strategic sustainability leader for the Milliken global floor covering division  

Did you know that the Milliken family of companies is a certified carbon-negative manufacturer by the Leonardo Academy Cleaner and Greener Program? This allows Milliken to offer carbon-neutral floor covering solutions to end users that desire to lessen their carbon footprint.

This carbon-negative certification means that we capture and offset more carbon dioxide than our global operations emit. We have achieved this status through a deliberate combination of rigorous business practices, which include:

  • Reducing emissions through an energy management system that includes energy audits and conservation
  • Offsetting emissions through the use of renewable energy, including harvested methane from the LaGrange, Georgia landfill and a company-owned hydroelectric plant in South Carolina
  • Capturing carbon dioxide through the sustainable management of more than 130,000 acres of trees in Milliken forests 

Providing carbon-neutral floor covering solutions is one of the many ways that we strive to 'Do Good' for the world. Click here to learn more about Milliken's complete approach to sustainability. 

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