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August 19
Spotted: Milliken Innovation in Schools

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With the school year back in full swing​, students are likely to come across various forms of Milliken innovation multiple times a day. Our breadth of expertise across a variety of disciplines allows us to help schools create a more colorful, creative environment conducive to effective learning.

Here are four items commonly found in schools created with Milliken innovation:

1. Washable markers. Creative Colorants from Milliken help ensure markers stay where they are wanted without limiting children's creative spirit. But don't worry, easy cleaning doesn't mean dull colors. In fact, Milliken washable colorants are bold for the brightest works of art. Learn more. 

2. Plastic containers that perhaps, organize washable markers. Our plastic clarifiers help students and teachers see through containers easily - whether it is craft supplies or their lunch. Learn more. 

3. School sports uniforms. Students can play hard in sporting uniforms made with Milliken performance fabrics that reduce odor and improve comfort. Learn more. 

4. Floor covering. Our inspiring floor covering collections help provide an effective and comfortable learning environment that sparks students' imaginations. The built-in cushion provides extra comfort for small children when playing, and anti-microbial treatment ensures a clean and safe environment. To see examples of Milliken floor covering in schools, click here.    

How else might students discover Milliken innovation in schools? 

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