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October 31

The Color Marketing Group (CMG) is predicting that 2012 will be filled with Boyz-N-Berry purple, as read in Hospitality Design’s November 2011 issue. CMG also suggests that it:

• Will be widely used as a neutral
• Will pair well with more subtle hues such as grey, taupe and brown
Sustainability and Eco-Friendly

Color is often indicative of cultural happenings. Another color trend to take note of includes earth tones, giving a strong nod to our culture’s stress on sustainability. From seaweed green to calming blues, the colors we choose are a reflection of society’s desires to be eco-friendly.

We look forward to seeing this vivacious color bring a bold punch throughout interior design. Take a look at some spaces already embracing this trend.


How will you incorporate this color trend into your design work?