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June 15
NeoCon 2012: A View from the Milliken Showroom

​When looking for the latest in cutting-edge design trends, the NeoCon World Trade Fair in Chicago is never to disappoint. Our featured collection, Color Wash, is the perfect illustration of an insightful blend of science and design, resulting in a continuous and expansive color space never before possible.

We hope you enjoy some images from our showroom.

​Color Wash in Matter methodical so purposefully sparks your interest even at the showroom entrance.
Isn’t this a stunning view of the Milliken showroom in Chicago? And no, the spotlights are not creating that gorgeous gradation of color on the carpet tiles, our 150 dpi printing technology did.
​Cocktails and conversations filled our showroom throughout the week.
​Cresta Bledsoe, global creative director for Milliken’s floor covering division and designer of Color Wash, with Beth McGrew from Knoll and Rodger Wall from Spinneybeck exploring the perfect marriage of science and design.
​It’s always a joy getting to see our friends from Brazil. 
​Great friends and great drinks surrounded by great art and design does make for the best conversations.
​What can be more fun than gorgeous buttons that so perfectly – and boldly – describe you? 
It’s always a fun challenge to see how we can challenge the limits of design – and we love nothing more than displaying it at NeoCon.  We can’t wait for next year.