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July 12
Gallery of Lost Art by Tate Media


Destroyed, stolen or rejected – Some of the most significant pieces of art have completely disappeared over the last century. While the physical works of many artists have vanished, the pieces have left an unspoken trail, dotting history’s slate and silently shaping the contemporary art platform as we know it today. 

The Gallery of Lost Art, a virtual yearlong exhibition launched July 2, 2012, seeks to reconstruct the stories behind the disappearance of major works of modern art, while presenting evidence of how it happened.
The interactive site, created by design studio ISO and curated by Tate Media, invites users to investigate the disappearance of major unseen pieces of the 20th century through archival images, films, interviews, blogs and essays.
“The Gallery of Lost art is a ghost museum, a place of shadows and traces. The challenge was to come up with a way of showcasing these artworks and telling their stories,” said Jane Burton, Creative Director of Tate Media. “The result is a new way of looking at art: an immersive website in the form of a vast warehouse, where visitors can explore the evidence laid out for them.”
The exhibition will eventually feature over 40 artists, with a new work added every week over the course of six months. Discover the subject of lost art and share insight on how it continues to influence the modern art scene. Visit this mysterious gallery soon – for the exhibition will only last one year before being lost itself!