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July 26
TractionBack® smart alternative to “peel and stick” backing systems


Milliken offers a carpet backing method that allows for a unique installation technique that eliminates the need for wet adhesives or peel and stick adhesives for modular carpet tile.

A typical installation method uses wet adhesives that are laid on the floor to glue the carpet to the floor, which eliminates some of the flexibility of carpet tile when compared to broadloom carpet.

TractionBack offers an installation method that allows carpet tiles to be moved more easily by utilizing a high surface friction solution (instead of an adhesive) that offers several benefits:

• Eliminates the need for wet adhesives, which typically require significant floor preparation and waste in packaging in materials.
• Removes off gassing and VOCs from adhesive chemicals that are used for other methods of installation.  (TractionBack is applied in the factory, meaning no solvents are applied to the floor.)
• Offers easier preparation for carpet installers, a faster move-in time for clients and easy replacement with new materials for high traffic areas.

Milliken’s TractionBack®, available with most standard Milliken carpets, is the smart alternative to limitations presented by both ‘peel and stick’ and wet adhesive systems.

• Less costly
• Environmentally superior
​• Faster and easier to use