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August 03
A World of Inspiration

From the minute details of everyday life to the vast wonders of the natural world – our sources of inspiration are always changing. Sometimes, it is the most unexpected places that foster brilliant ideas. As designers, the inspiration process is never-ending, as we continually explore and discover new ideas from a global perspective.

We have compiled a collection of beautiful outdoor places in our natural world. We hope you enjoy and are inspired once more.


This serene setting in Skogar, Ireland displays the pristine quality of nature that never fails to inspire.


The salt flats and deserts of Northwestern Argentina make this region appear to be of a different world. Nothing can quite rival the beauty of a bright sunset in a breathtaking setting.


The repetition of ancient architecture combined with the looming mountains in Machu Picchu, Peru creates an atmosphere of limitless inspiration.


The unmistakable architecture of ancient Greece backed with the clear Mediterranean Sea is nothing short of stunning.


Wintertime in the Canadian Rockies is a beautiful sight. This image captures a winter gem – as frigid temperatures encapsulate bubbles in frozen water.