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August 09
Milliken Unveils Design Studio, Showroom in Beijing


As a global supplier of floor covering solutions, at Milliken, we are always looking for new ways to better serve the architecture and design community around the world. That being said, we are excited to announce our newest design studio and showroom in Beijing! 

With an office presence in Beijing for more than 10 years, the addition of the studio and showroom answers to the growing commercial real estate market and increased appetite for inspiring, innovative interior furnishings in China. 

The space – a vision brought to fruition by global design firm M Moser – serves as an open and collaborative environment to showcase Milliken’s extensive product offering, as well as support for client meetings.

Some of the space’s inspiring features include: 

·         A neutral backdrop to highlight a variety of colors and patterns featured in our floor covering collections
·         Classic modern furnishings, rich textiles and clean, crisp material accents
·         A flexible display area complemented by a large window seat that doubles as storage space
·         Formal and informal meeting areas that facilitate purposeful conversations surrounding interior design

The new showroom is located in Beijing Oriental Plaza – a landmark building located in the Wangfujing area near Tiananmen Square – at No. 1 East Chang An Ave., Dongcheng District.

We love the space - and hope you’ll join us there soon.