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August 17
Connecting with the A&D industry on LinkedIn

​Earlier this week we attended a webinar hosted by KI Furniture and Kia Weatherspoon from Determined by Design on effectively networking with members of the architecture and design industry through LinkedIn​.

LinkedIn provides a variety of great ways to connect with other professionals, especially within the A&D Industry. To ensure your connections count, follow these best practices shared during the webinar.

• Be personal. When requesting to connect with someone on LinkedIn, make a personal connection. If you’ve met previously, be sure to mention it in your invitation to connect. If you haven’t met in person, be clear about how you found them and why you think connecting on LinkedIn would be beneficial.

• Be active. Use groups to take part in pertinent industry discussions to gather best practices and collaborate with group members. Consider joining a select number of groups that you can effectively manage. To maximize your efforts, choose 3-4 groups where you can continuously contribute to discussions.

• Be linked. The vast array of social media tools available can be overwhelming. Maximize your time and effort by linking your social media accounts so that when one is updated, the others are simultaneously updated, as well. This will help give you great traction across the Internet with much less work.

​• Be introduced. One of LinkedIn’s greatest features is that it presents an opportunity to connect you with other professionals that you might not have otherwise known. Be thoughtful of how you request to connect with someone. If you haven’t personally met someone you would like to connect with, interact with them in a group discussion before you invite them to connect. Or, if you have connections in common, ask someone to introduce or recommend you.​