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August 17
Beautifully Upcycled

​We love when materials are upcycled from their original form to an even more desirable product. In fact, we’ve even created our own #BeautifullyUpcycled posts on Facebook to showcase the incredible ways designers are transforming everyday materials into luxury furnishings.

We couldn’t help but share some of our favorite upcycled pieces on our blog, too. 


Andy Gregg has taken the sustainability of the bicycle to a whole new level with his furniture collection made of reused metal bike frames.


At first glance, this blue-green chandelier looks like a colorful glass spectacle. Take a second look and you’ll notice the fixture is truly made of plastic ice-cream spoons - a surprisingly sustainable treat! (As seen on www.Tchochkes.com.)


Czech design company, Kumeko, has transformed an everyday material into a beautiful – and cozy – furnishing. These knotty floor cushions are constructed of upcycled jersey tubes.


This gown, created by designer Sanyukta Shrestha, is made of upcycled newspapers and finished with nearly three thousand Swarovski crystals. Sustainable elegance at its finest.

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