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August 30
Milliken’s new Craft collection brings handmade aesthetics to the floor

​When designing an interior space, handmade qualities and textures are wonderful ways to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. Milliken’s new collection, Craft, brings this very element to interiors, responding to designer’s desire for handmade aesthetics through flooring. With colors ranging from subtle neutrals to bold shades, Craft is the illustration of skilled craftsmanship brought to new life on the floor.


With Craft, purposeful detail and soft stripes portray a primarily solid aesthetic with a handmade textural quality. Constructed with Milliken’s patented Multiple Yarn Infusion™ tufting technology, the collection embodies a more textile-like approach than most commercial carpet constructions.

The Craft collection is available in:

​•  Twenty-four colors ranging from soft neutrals to accent-driven bolds.

​•  Broadloom and tile, each adding a unique design feature. Modular tile for the Craft collection is composed of 25 percent recycled content. Broadloom can be specified with EPA3 cushion backing, offering 33 percent recycled content.

TractionBack® Technology

Craft in modular tile is available with TractionBack®​ technology, a carpet backing method that is less costly, environmentally superior and faster and easier to use compared to wet adhesives or peel and stick adhesives for modular carpet tile.  No “peel” is required, just “stick” with TractionBack® – this eliminates the need for any additional tools, such as a gun, to install the carpet and also uses less material and energy to install.​