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August 30
The Art of Upcyling: Sustainable Inspiration
If you follow our Facebook page, you have probably noticed that we’re fascinated by the creative ways people take ordinary materials and transform them into extraordinary pieces. From furniture and accessories to works of art, we simply can’t get enough of how objects are being repurposed into products with an even higher quality than the original form.

Be inspired by our weekly #BeautifullyUpcycled posts on Facebook to spark your inner sustainable spirit. In the meantime, enjoy some facts we found on Design Matters on the art of upcycling. 

Upcycling is different from recycling or “downcycling” – For example, plastics are often recycled to create something new, but may be a lower grade variety of plastic. The beauty of upcycling is that it takes materials and repurposes them into products of greater value and quality. 


This old suitcase demonstrates upcycling with great imagination by being expertly repurposed into a gorgeous vintage chair.

Upcycling is less expensive than conventional recycling – While recycling is important, traditional methods often incur high-energy costs. Transportation and reconstruction make some recycling methods less sustainable than small-scale upcycling. 


This designer thought twice before throwing these glass bottles into the recycling bin. Coca Cola bottles take on a new tone with these stunning drinking glasses!

Upcycling is easy – Creating upcycled works of art is something that everyone can enjoy. Even the simplest of materials can be repurposed in surprising ways! Use your imagination - the possibilities are truly limitless.


A simple collection of wine corks makes the perfect cork board and wall addition for the wine lover.

All items can be applied to upcycling – Oftentimes we are faced with the problem of certain materials simply being “unrecyclable”. With upcycling, there are no limitations for eligible items!


Rather than sitting in a landfill for thousands of years, these cassette tapes take on an unlikely form – a quirky retro chair! 

Upycling resources and ideas are plentiful – There are numerous websites, blogs and pages dedicated to upcycling, offering individuals how-to guides to create upcycled products. Check out our Facebook page and Pinterest boards for more upcycled ideas!