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September 06
Bring new beats to the floor plane with Remix 2.0

It’s always fun to find ways to introduce new rhythms to interior spaces. Milliken’s revamped Remix 2.0 collection makes doing this easy.

The collection is a modern take on the original Remix series addressing the desire for a seamless and randomized floor plane. Remix 2.0 refreshes the collection’s most popular patterns – Freestyle and Bebop – and incorporates Backbeat, previously from the Stimulus series, with new simplified coordinates – Mix Tape and Tempo. The collection also offers an expanded color line and updated accents, and can be specified with Underscore® ESP cushion backing for a total recycled content of 32 percent.                

With Remix 2.0, designers can customize the floor plane with predetermined accents - known as vibes - that connect and move between multi-directional textures, while still ordering a standard collection. Depending upon the hue, the addition of a vibe can turn a tonal neutral to a multi-color, electric approach.

The collection is available in modular tile and features five patterns:
​•  Freestyle – patchworks of texture create a non-directional mid-scale pattern for a nearly seamless and random installation
•  Bebop – small to mid-scale patchwork with the added element of an organic abstracted leaf overlay
•  Backbeat – larger-scale, non-directional pattern with organic sweeping vibe accent capabilities
•  Mix Tape – soft lines that subtly transition between smaller scale multi-directional patterns
•  Tempo – randomized patterns that form shifted linear rows for a simplistic design in the collection’s largest scale

TractionBack® Technology
Remix 2.0 is available with TractionBack® technology, a modular carpet backing method that is less costly, environmentally superior and faster and easier to use compared to wet adhesives or peel and stick adhesives. No “peel” is required, just “stick” with TractionBack® – this eliminates the need for any additional tools, such as a gun, to install the carpet and also uses less material and energy to install.