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September 13
Best practices for using Pinterest

The A&D community has caught on to the Pinterest craze – and we know why. The site’s visual premise is ideal for our very visual industry. We’re seeing publications, design firms and inspiring design blogs posting their favorite pins of just about anything relating to architecture and design.

To maximize your participation with any social media tool, we suggest implementing a few best practices. Read on to discover our tips to enhance your experience on Pinterest.

Come up with fun, creative board topics to organize your pinboards. Kate Spade New York does a wonderful job of this, having each board end with “colorfully.” Consider fun ways to streamline your boards for a consistent visual appearance.

To pin, begin uploading your images directly to Pinterest – and, of course, repining others’ pins. Share a variety of content on your boards that encompasses your industry.

For example, if you’re an interior designer for the hospitality industry, create fun boards that showcase multiple aspects of the industry – such as great vacation spots, chic travel luggage and fun travel necessities. Doing so will make your boards very well rounded.

Have a strategy for what you will pin. Don’t pin for frequency, pin for quality. More pins do not always mean a better board. Pin with purpose – and only things that truly represent your brand and style.

Pinterest does have rules to regulate the site and protect users. The site asks that all users credit their pins with links back to their original sources, so that users can easily locate products or ideas they like.

Pinterest is a perfect place to convey your design expertise in a visual manner through social media. Be a resource to your followers with well-rounded, well-organized boards that cover all aspects of your specific design specialty.

Milliken’s new CEU, Pinterest and the A&D Community: Sharing and inspiring in a digital world, also addresses best practices for Pinterest and how it can enhance your profession in the architecture and design industry. For more information about this course, please email [email protected] or ask your local sales representative.