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September 21
Pinterest Picks


If you have been following us on Twitter or Facebook, you know the buzz about Pinterest and its growing presence in the A&D community. As a valuable resource for architects and designers, Pinterest provides endless inspiration, opportunities to connect with other design professionals and a platform to share and learn. 


Our Pinterest profile is growing and changing – and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by our followers. Here are the top pins on a variety of our boards from last month. Enjoy!

Inspiration: An inspiring image of stained glass uses a little light and a spectrum of colors to spark a spiral that just might uncover the creative spirit in you.

Innovation: A glass floor above a pond beautifully combines innovative design and the natural world. 

Renovation: The renovation of our NYC showroom included stunning lighting by Graypants to add texture and intrigue to the café. 

Product Elation: Our Remix 2.0 collection is the evolution of a classic, allowing designers to browse the playlist to create a unique digital mix on the floor plane.

Sustainable Nation: The repurposing of an old door results in a striking – and sustainable – residential design.

Sustainable Nation: One man’s garbage turns to another’s treasure with these upcycled portraits made of old trinkets.


Follow our Pinterest page to discover more inspiring designs and ideas from our other boards – like Vocation, Coloration, Gradation – and more! Don’t miss out on this valuable resource and opportunity to connect.​