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September 28
‘Doing Good’ – A Milliken Mindset for Purposeful Innovation

“We realized that we are most successful when we combine a shared sense of purpose with our distinctive approach to innovation. As a community of innovators who value ethics, excellence and leadership, we are most passionately engaged when our products and services fulfill the purposes of doing good for the world and creating new expectations for our customers.”

​- Joe Salley, Ph.D., CEO of Milliken 

At Milliken, we fully embrace the mantra of “doing good.” From idea generation and unparalleled research capabilities to creating unrivaled experiences for our customers, we follow this mindset that is so passionately led by Joe Salley, CEO of Milliken. The current issue of MIX Interiors beautifully articulates how this philosophy inspires Joe Salley to bring Milliken’s ‘A game’ to each and every challenge. Click to read Mix Interiors article.

For the coming weeks, we will be presenting a series of blog posts that focus on how ‘doing good’ is intertwined into everything we do at Milliken. We hope you enjoy them – and are inspired to ‘do good’ in your own personal endeavors. 


Doing Good: Creating New Expectations for Our Customers

“Creating new expectations for our customers means developing products and services that change the way users think and feel about their experience.”
​– Joe Salley, CEO of Milliken

To begin our series on ‘doing good’, we’d like to share how this mission directed by Joe Salley helped formulate the idea for Color Wash, our featured collection at NeoCon 2012.


With a corporate focus to create new expectations for our customers, Color Wash was the result of careful blending of Unique Insights, Deep Science and Meaningful Design. The idea was to create a floor covering collection that would provide a large-scale sensory experience – and inspire designers to think about the floor plane in unexpected ways. With Color Wash, designers can create interior environments with a diverse range of aesthetics, from a bold statement to a subtle background. 

Color Wash is only one of many examples of how we aim to ‘do good’ by creating new expectations for our customers. Customers expect more from us. As a manufacturer, they trust us to provide outstanding solutions for their needs – and we pride ourselves on continuing to exceed customer expectations.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore how Milliken’s mantra of ‘doing good’ extends to our corporate commitment to sustainability. Click here to view Joe Salley’s profile on ‘doing good’ in the current issue of MIX Interiors.​