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September 28
Educational Design at its Finest

In honor of U.S. Green Building Council’s first annual Green Apple Day of Service this Saturday, September 29, we wanted to share beautiful and inspiring educational designs. 

Purposeful design is not something to be overlooked in educational settings - as well-designed spaces help facilitate healthy learning environments. We know you will enjoy the featured educational spaces below.

Photos are courtesy of School Planning & Management magazine’s Educational Design Showcase.

Gilliam Collegiate Academy in Plano, Texas is both beautiful and modern. The architecture emulates the collegiate experience to introduce students into the culture and rigors of higher education. The broad windows and angular design are nothing short of stunning. 

As one of the greenest schools in the state of Texas, Gloria Marshall Elementary School​ was designed to be a teaching tool to educate generations of students about resource conservation.  We love how this sustainable design motivates students to adopt a green lifestyle!

The Greenbrier, Arkansas community is actively engaged in the fine arts education of their students – and the Greenbrier High School Fine Arts Building is a perfect example! The design features bright blue panels – making the building a striking focal point of the campus and inviting students to think in creative ways.

The Marshall Student Center on the campus of the University of South Florida​ provides architectural eye candy for school visitors. Located at the “front door” of the North campus, the building makes a statement about the university’s commitment to student life. 


The design of Su Valley Jr/Sr High School​ in Talkeetna, AK focuses specifically on the school’s educational programs and unique character. Local stone and wood highlight an integrated earth themed color palette, while a bold design brings the power of the Alaskan landscape and community together.