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October 04
‘Doing Good’: Milliken headquarters feature nationally recognized arboretum used to further innovation

“I am inspired by beautiful landscapes and architecture, and am fortunate to be surrounded by beauty each day that I spend at the Milliken HQ campus in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The setting is only one of three nationally recognized, corporate arboreta and is filled with an extensive variety of noble trees, stunning water features and inspiring sculptures.”
– Joe Salley, CEO of Milliken & Company

To continue our series on ‘doing good’, we would like to discuss how the Milliken headquarters reflect the company’s corporate commitment to sustainability – and provide an inspiring atmosphere for our associates and guests.

Milliken is home to one of only three nationally recognized, corporate arboreta. We use our stunning landscape to not only relax and find inspiration, but to further our research.

With over 300 tree specimens found within the arboretum, the site serves as a living testing ground for new tree specimens. The fountains and ponds are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also sites for water reclamation and are a part of our heating and cooling system. Additionally, grassy areas are harvested for hay during September.

We love for associates and visitors alike to be able to enjoy the unique beauty of our campus. Our one-of-a-kind Guest Houses allow visitors to stay within the arboretum, enveloping themselves in the splendor of nature. Visitors also experience the best in hospitality from our associates as well as delicious culinary creations from our corporate chef, Chef Jim McCallister.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore how Milliken’s mantra of ‘doing good’ extends to making the world more sustainable, improving health and safety and adding value to daily lives. Also, be sure to read the profile of Milliken ​CEO Joe Salley in the current issue of MIX Interiors magazine to learn where he finds inspiration.