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October 04
Bill Bouchey shares insight into M Moser, Milliken culture

“I am trying to make my impact and influence heard in the world.”
– Bill Bouchey, M Moser Director of Design

This week we had the pleasure of hearing our good friend and partner from M Moser, Bill Bouchey, share some insight into the design process and culture at M Moser. As the director of design, Bill has worked closely with Milliken to help design our NYC, Chicago, Beijing and Shanghai showrooms. The firm also designed the Athenaeum at our Spartanburg, S.C. headquarters - and is currently working on our Customer Center lobby and café.

For those of you who missed this intriguing presentation, we noticed some very distinct correlations between the M Moser culture and our very own culture centered on collaboration and innovation.

M Moser Culture

Bill explained that M Moser is an open studio, largely centered on working in teams. He also mentioned that they strongly value employee autonomy and freedom to explore and collaborate. 

Shared Values With Milliken

•  Purposeful play – a fun but intentional work environment that promotes innovative thinking

•  Meaningful design that can change our lives and the world around us

•  Emphasis on valuing people and taking the time to celebrate small victories and milestones throughout the course of a project

•  Global nature and collaboration with teams all over the world

At Milliken, we are dedicated to creating exceptional products that push the limits of design and impact our society in real and profound ways. We are inspired and motivated to see our commitment mirrored by one of our closest design partners.