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October 11
‘Doing Good’: Milliken is committed to adding value to daily lives

​“’Doing good’ means helping to make the world more sustainable, improving health and safety, and adding value to daily lives.” 
- Joe Salley, CEO of Milliken

As we continue our blog series on ‘doing good’, we would like to discuss how Milliken strives to continually add value to our daily lives. Our heritage of innovation flows throughout each of our divisions, from chemical to performance fabrics to floor covering – and so does our mantra of ‘doing good.’ We would like to share some of our recent innovations that are making a positive impact on our world.

Alternative Energy


Milliken has engineered highly innovative composites, such as Nexcore™ core material, that advance the opportunities for wind energy production by allowing windmills to capture more energy. NexcoreTM enables windmill blades to be longer and stronger in order to capture more energy. This development isn’t limited to alternative energy production alone, but has a number of infrastructure and industrial market applications, from windmill blades to bridges.



We have developed wound care dressings that enable better outcomes for patients with difficult-to-heal wounds through a combination of textile design and chemistry. Our patented Active Fluid Management® (AFM) advanced wound care dressings are the result of our unparalleled textile and chemical expertise combined to produce safe and quick healing for series wounds. 



We have recently introduced a significantly innovative military fabric, ResQ® FR fabric. This next-generation advancement features an ultra high-performance flame-resistant fabric that reduces predicted body burn by 50 percent compared to current FR fabric. Made without ammonia, the fabric has twice the tear strength, even when wet, and is 100% made in the USA. Additionally, it was recognized by R&D Magazine as one of the most technologically significant products of 2012.

Floor Covering

Our TractionBack® carpet backing​ is an environmentally superior alternative backing system for laying modular carpet tile. A high-friction coating applied during manufacturing eliminates the need for wet adhesives or “peel and stick” techniques. Additionally, TractionBack® removes the need to prime or seal floor before installation, improving indoor air quality and reducing harmful VOCs off-gassing from adhesive chemicals used in traditional backing methods. There’s no “peel,” just “stick” with TractionBack®.

For more examples of how Milliken brings forth products that ‘do good’ for our world, visit us online. Also, be sure to read the profile​ of Milliken CEO Joe Salley in the current issue of MIX Interiors magazine to learn where he finds inspiration to lead our company of innovation. ​