Commercial Mats, Rugs & Entryway Systems
Leave dirt at the door

Designed as a superior dust control barrier, our Obex® Matting Solution offers unparalleled protection against the dirt and moisture that pedestrians can track into a building.  

Want to stop up to 80% of dust, dirt and moisture brought into a building within the first 10 to 30 feet? Try our 3-part system designed especially for high-traffic areas that includes:
• Prior™ heavy-duty scraper modular tile - the first line of defense against outdoor dirt and grime
• Forma™ for interior entryways?
• Atrium Plus™ textile mats and runners for high circulation areas
Obex products come in variety of fully coordinated, contemporary colors and a five-year guarantee.
Make a statement with your entrance
​​Outdoors - The area just before the building access ideal for placing a product with scraping action to remove grit and heavy dirt particles - including snow and sand.​
​​Indoors - Primary steps when entering the building where a product with dual action - scraping and absorbing - against dirt and moisture should be installed - this area often features a mat well.​
​​Indoors - Secondary area inside the building after Zone 2. A textile product for moisture absorption is the preferred choice here. Also applicable to circulation areas other than entrances.​
​​Solutions for areas with specific needs such as brand image promotion, anti-fatigue, wet areas, communication or messages, etc...​
OBEX® Architectural Matting Solution

The Obex® matting product line is a complete architectural solution for entrances and circulation areas, suitable for intense foot and wheeled traffic such as airports, train stations, shopping centers...

This offering consists of a range of modular tiles designed to work as primary matting (outdoors or indoors) complemented by a choice of textile roll goods as secondary matting for indoor applications.

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Standard Mats
​​An ext​ensive range of highly functional mats manufactured with a superior textile construction for best performance against dirt and moisture, and specially designed to stand repeated industrial washes including a selection of contemporary Pattern Mats for a differentiated brand image.
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Advertising and Logomats
​Advertising and logomats, as well as message mats are the ideal media to convey a marketing slogan and enhance brand image.

Our unique dye injection technology allows reproduction of detailed patterns and designs in vibrant colors. Artwork requests and product ordering is made available via the internet with a password protected access.

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Wet Area Matting
​​Specially ​designed rubber mats for use in wet areas - including anti-microbial properties - to keep people safe.
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Anti-Fatigue Matting
​​​Specially designed rubber mats for use in standing up working positions to prevent leg fatigue and back ache.
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