Leave dirt at the door

Designed as a superior dust control barrier, our Obex® Matting Solution offers unparalleled protection against the dirt and moisture that pedestrians can track into a building.  

Want to stop up to 80% of dust, dirt and moisture brought into a building within the first 10 to 30 feet? Try our 3-part system designed especially for high-traffic areas that includes:
• Prior™ heavy-duty scraper modular tile - the first line of defense against outdoor dirt and grime
• Forma™ for interior entryways?
• Atrium Plus™ textile mats and runners for high circulation areas
Obex products come in variety of fully coordinated, contemporary colors and a five-year guarantee.
Make a statement with your entrance
As a totally integrated manufacturer – and with the largest private R&D facility in the textile industry – Milliken has developed innovations that make mats more colorful and customizable, tougher and longer lasting.
Walk-Off® Mats are also a responsible choice.
• Manufacturing processes are as energy-efficient as possible
• Mats are made with varied degrees of renewable and recycled materials
• Milliken will take back old mats and recycle the materials for a variety of new uses and applications
Matting solutions for every door

From hotels and convention centers to office buildings and homes, Obex offers options for indoor and outdoor installations – to enhance the beauty of any interior.


Hardwearing mats and modular matting are available for outdoor use with high-scraping and draining properties.


Washable, textile-based mats are highly absorbent and very effective in capturing fine dirt, dust and moisture.

Logo & Specialty

Reinforce what sets you apart with a logo mat. (Our patented digital printing technology offers six times more color options than anyone else to match your identity perfectly.)
Specify Milliken’s modular systems for an upcoming refurbish or remodel project to make a great first impression. Visit our extensive custom mat offering at now.