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Landfill Diversion Program
​Continuing our heritage of over a century of environmental stewardship, and our "No Carpet to Landfill Pledge", established in 2002, Milliken is pleased to offer a variety of new programs to support landfill diversion. To receive a quote, complete the form and email us the finalized application. In addition to the application, a physical sample of the carpet being removed sent to the address provided below will be required. We'll contact you within one business day of receipt of the application, and within 72 hours of receipt of physical sample with an official quote. If you have any questions, you may email us at [email protected] or call our customer concierge service at 1.877.432.6360.
Why is it Good?
​​Diverting carpet from landfill is good for the environment, good for the economy and good for humanity. Milliken embraces our social and environmental responsibility to divert carpet from the landfill, and strives to provide easy and simple ways for our customers to divert their carpet. For every 250,000 yards of carpet that is diverted from landfill, we are saving over 5,500 cubic yards of landfill space. Carpet is estimated to make up 2% of volume of materials in landfills, and most carpet is not biodegradable, therefore it will not breakdown. When you divert carpet from landfill with Milliken, you can be assured that we will follow the Carpet America Recovery Effort (C.A.R.E) guidelines.
*Source: CARE Environmental Calculator 2012
What happens to my carpet?
​​There are different avenues the carpet can take to prevent it from going to landfill. Some of the alternatives include but not limited to recycled into new carpet, down cycled into other products, donated to non-profit organizations and sent to waste-to-energy facilities. Our partners will work closely with national care affiliates to determine the most economical and feasible way to prevent the carpet from landfill based on face fiber, backing type and carpet conditions. Actual method of landfill diversion will not be known until the quote process is complete. Sending carpet to landfill is not an environmentally friendly or free option and there is a cost associated with disposing of the carpet to landfill.
Services Offered
Trailer Drop off - Long Term
Instead of renting dumpsters and disposing of your carpet into the landfill, call us to have one of our partners provide you with a trailer. The trailer will be dropped at the jobsite for loading and will hold between 4,000 and 5,000 yards of carpet, which would fill about three, 30-yard dumpsters. The trailer will arrive and remain at the job site until all carpet is placed on the trailer and ready to be removed. The carpet must meet the receiving requirements found at the end of this document. If receiving requirements are not meet, the client may be responsible for the costs associated with repairing the issue.
Live Load - Short Term
Our partners will be able to provide pick up services for your smaller carpet jobs. The trailer will come to the job site, pick up the carpet and leave all within the same day. If the job takes more than a single day, additional charges will apply. There will be an hourly labor charge added to your invoice if the partner’s staff must load the carpet. All carpet must meet the receiving requirements found at the end of this document. If receiving requirements are not followed the client may be responsible for the costs associated with repairing the issue.
Specification writing
Let us help you write a CSI Format specification that includes alternatives to disposal.
CSI Short Form Specification
CSI Long Form Specification
Accessing and eMailing Quote Request

To start the process of diverting your carpet from landfill, you must first save a copy of the Quote Request Form PDF to your computer. 

​​Right-click & choose “Save link as…” to download Quote Request Form.

Once you fill out the form, simply click on the "Save & Submit" button on the form, and an email with the attachment and correct subject line will automatically be created. If for any reason your system does not support the automatic “Save & Submit” function, save and attach the form the old-fashioned way and mail it to [email protected] with the subject line "Milliken Carpet Landfill Diversion Program".

Sample Requirement
​A physical sample of carpet that will be removed is required to ensure our partners knows exactly what type of carpeting and backing they will be removing so they can determine the most economical and feasible way to keep the carpet out of a landfill. Please send roughly an 8" x 8" sample or samples of all carpet being removed to
Doug Chezem
1712 Minters Chapel
Grapevine TX, 76051
Once you send the email, you will hear back from Milliken within one business day of receipt of the application. Once we receive the physical carpet samples, you will receive an official quote within 72 business hours.
How is Payment Handled?
​The carpet will be handled in the most economical and feasible way to divert it from landfill based on project location, face fiber and backing type. Items that will affect the cost of landfill diversion include but not limited to amount of carpet, location of nearest landfill diversion site, cost of landfill diversion and type of carpet and backing. Payment arrangements must be agreed upon prior to service appointment.
​​Once the job is complete, Milliken will remove the trailer from the jobsite and take it to landfill diversion facility, which will be pre-determined during the quote process. We will invoice for the total amount of carpet diverted, after payment is received, a certificate of the total amount of carpet diverted from landfill will be sent to the customers, and a permanent record will be kept at Milliken.