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We believe third-party verification is critical for transparency with sustainable products and services.


Preserving nature's footprint while continually reducing ours

​At Milliken we have a clear vision of our place in the world of tomorrow. In it, the culture of disposability is unthinkable. And we’re on pace to make this happen.
Through conservation and efficiency, Milliken’s floor covering division has reduced its global eco-footprint by 50% over 15 years. The goal: get to zero landfill, zero waste generation and zero air missions. 


Our Programs

We evaluate the condition of floor covering being replaced by Milliken and choose the highest form of recovery.

third party certifications
​​We believe third-party verification is critical for transparency with sustainable products and practices.
our leed facilities
​We’re upgrading our facilities in accordance with LEED® standards. Showrooms in Chicago and New York are LEED for Commercial Interiors Gold Certification.
renaissance sample return program
We give customers the option of returning used samples for reuse.
alternative energy
​We receive more than 80% of harvested methane from the LaGrange, GA landfill. We've used wastewater bio solids as a fuel source since 1994 and our hydroelectric plant in South Carolina provides 10% of company-wide electricity annually.
support green building initiatives

Milliken is a founding member of the U.S. Green Building Council and supports World Green Building Council activities.

USGBC certificate - PDF

​At Milliken Research, we’ve created a remarkable new bio-based high-friction coating that’s applied to our carpet tile backing. This patented innovation not only keeps your carpet securely in place, it does so without wet adhesives, floor sealers or primers. So installing, moving or replacing modular carpet is easier on you—and the environment—than ever before.